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The Community of Practice group of independent school advancement professionals was created in March 2018 by TMS in Richmond Hill, ON. The intent was to create a safe space to share ideas, perspectives and feedback about all aspects of advancement. To date, the group has held three meetings during which we have explored topics such as Capital Campaigns, major giving and alumni relations. The group has benefitted from the generosity of peer schools who have provided guidance, advice and suggestions as we all move forward with our work.  
We are defining a Community of Practice as a safe space to: share ideas, experiences and perspectives,  explore trends, collaborate on initiatives,  provide feedback on experiences, and discuss our collective burning questions - by burning questions, we mean anything about advancement that is on your mind, that keeps you up and night, or that you are trying to implement at your school.

We have been using Zoom conferencing software to host meetings, since many of the participating schools cover all regions of Canada. The group meets four times during the school year for an hour – at a time that works well for schools across all time zones.

If you are interested in joining the Community of Practice, please take a few minutes to sign up here. If you have any questions, please contact Rakesh TripathiDirector of Advancement at TMS.

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