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We are grateful to the ISAP Canada leadership for both their volunteerism and professionalism.

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The Nominating Committee recommends individuals to the Board for positions, as vacancies arise.

Board Committees are actively engaged in delivering many of the activities and services of ISAP Canada.

To learn more about which committee or board roles are available at this time, please contact Angela Dudek.

ISAP Canada Board of Directors (2020-2022)

Voted in at the Biennial General Meeting on January 30, 2020 in Montreal, QC. To contact anyone on the Board, please email isapcanada@gmail.com .

Angela Dudek, St. John's School, Vancouver, BC

Vice President
Hallie McClelland, Kingsway College School, Etobicoke, ON

Past President
Geneviève Delaquis, Balmoral Hall School, Winnipeg, MB

Natalie Kowalenko, Calgary Academy, Calgary, AB

Greg Stevenson, Shawnigan Lake School, Shawnigan Lake, BC

Brent Johnston, The Country Day School, King, ON

Nic Carhart, Rothesay Netherwood School, Rothesay, NB
Ben Fitch, Little Flower Academy, Vancouver, BC

National PD
Christina Barwinsky, St. John’s-Ravenscourt School, Winnipeg, MB
Rakesh Tripathi, TMS School, Toronto, ON

Ronith Cogswell, Vancouver College, Vancouver, BC
Regional Networking
Mira Boucher, Independent Consultant (Formerly of Calgary Academy), Calgary, AB
Geneviève Delaquis, Balmoral Hall School, Winnipeg, MB
Hallie McClelland
, Kingsway College School, Etobicoke, ON
Nancy Smith, Lower Canada College, Montreal, PQ
Lili Le Fèvre, The Sacred Heart School, Montreal, QC
Miriam Regan, The Sacred Heart School, Halifax, NS

Awards & Bursaries

Honorary Directors
Tina Alto, Balmoral Hall School, Winnipeg, MB
Sharon Cozens, Trafalgar School for Girls, Montreal, QC
John Davies, formerly St. Michaels University School, Victoria, BC
Laura Edwards, formerly York House School, Vancouver, BC
Ross Marsh, Ross W. Marsh & Associates, Calgary, AB
Rudy Massimo, Shawnigan Lake School, Shawnigan Lake, BC
James McMillan, Selwyn House School, Montreal, QC
Mireille Millette, formerly Sterling Hall School, Toronto, ON

ISAP Canada Representative, Board of Directors of CCAE (The Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education)

Brent Johnston, The Country Day School, King, ON

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